World Hunger

Feeding survivors of global catastrophe won't be easy - but it is doable
While everyone else has been looking back at what happened around the world in 2017, I’ve been thinking about the things
From Manchester and Myanmar to Libya and London here we take a look back at 2017
From Syria to the Rohingya Muslim crisis, it's been a year defined by conflict.
Top government officials are profiting as the nation spirals deeper into a manmade crisis.
Some 400,000 malnourished children need urgent care.
The Rainforest Foundation has always spoken out on behalf of local communities. 'We want to help communities such as the tribes in Cameroon and the Congo, secure the right to manage their own environment, allow them sustainable livelihood within the forest'.
The more bacteria and bugs you get exposed to as a youngster, the stronger your immune system will become. You know you have that friend who always gets ill? Likelihood is, they're the oldest child in their family, they are their parents' firstborn, so understandably, the parents were worried about getting the first little one ill.
Five days on a £1 per day allowance for food & drink. No meal gifts, no using what's already in the cupboards, just budgeting a fiver. This was not going to be easy. It would mean willpower, possible hunger, monotony and sacrifice of both luxury and well, a social life not to mention my beloved wine.
Ahead of this year's G8 summit taking place in Northern Ireland, once again, poverty campaigners have been urging world leaders to tackle issues like aid, tax evasion and land grabbing. I sincerely hope their calls for justice are heard.