African students in Wuhan, China have been stuck indoors for over a month as the area is on lock down to contain the Coronavirus spread. Nine African countries including South Africa, Mauritania and Morocco have evacuated, or have said they will evacuate so far. But students from other African countries have said they feel left behind and sad their country has not brought them home.
The local government said it had reprimanded the people responsible for the earlier announcement, made just hours ago.
"When we got to Starbucks, the employees would not let us come in. While we waited for our lattes, [they] took our temperatures and recorded our information."
Health officials confirmed that some 242 people had died from the flu-like virus in China’s Hubei province on Wednesday.
The human cost of the coronavirus outbreak in China continues to grow, but what will the economic cost be? China has the second largest GDP and one of the fastest-growing economies so the financial impact of the outbreak is likely to be felt around the world. We speak to economist Dr Jan Knoerich from King’s College London about just how big a shockwave this is likely to cause and what it means for the UK’s economy.
The government has introduced new measures to try and stop the virus spreading in the UK.
More than 1,100 people have now been tested for the virus in the UK.
So many Westerners only know my hometown in the context of the coronavirus outbreak.
Around 150 Britons will be flown back from the Chinese city and quarantined at a facility in Milton Keynes.
Dr Li was told by police to stop "spreading rumours" when he tried to warn about the new virus.