Monday's meeting is expected to discuss the tensions between Nigeria and South Africa over the attacks.
How a stubborn denialist Mbeki almost torpedoed his own brain child.
It's been 14 years of the APRM and experts say they need the peer review system to better monitor situations in Africa.
Most of the attacks described as xenophobia are "common township thuggery".
Attacks are predominantly carried against fellow Africans. No foreign national of European descent has been attacked. So is it xenophobia or Afrophobia?
Southern Africa and even the continent may be borderless: an SADC passport is on the way.
In South Africa, aspiration to whiteness lives in most of the words, terms and phrases we use to describe someone or something we view far senior to us.
Denouncing xenophobia, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o says it won't solve the problem of socio-economic inequality.
"Nothing to see here; move along now" seems to be the outlook of some people to the announcement of record levels of reported
'We cannot ignore the deep seated anger and misguided targeting of Africans in our beloved country.'