Xenophobia as a primordial instinct, arose with the appearance of living beings on Earth as a natural response to the threat
'This has been provoked by crime,' says Zuma. 'We must focus on drug lords and deal with them.'
The 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows write to President Jacob Zuma and Minister Malusi Gigaba: This 'can only be stopped through strong leadership.'
'We cannot now behave in a manner that treats other fellow Africans who are now residents in the country as enemies or unwelcomed guests.'
Gauteng Premier Makhura: 'We need to hear every voice against xenophobia.'
He appealed to politicians not to make “reckless and irresponsible statements” that could fuel tensions between South Africans and foreigners.
Foreign nationals said they were confused as to why some South Africans don't want them in the country.
A combination of cowardice and incompetence in our politicians, across the spectrum, has fanned the flames of xenophobic hatred.
According to a report, the city is considering a plan that will use a "spectacular display of force".
'Avoid using inflammatory xenophobic language which further fuels xenophobic attitudes' -- Institute for Justice and Reconciliation