Not all jobs are suitable for this kind of working. If your work requires close and frequent synchronous (same place, same time) cooperation with colleagues, then remote working may introduce significant delay unless it can all be achieved through technology.
One of the great weaknesses of Western preparation for the strategic future of cyberspace is that we lack a coherent narrative
Yahoo! is not alone among internet giants for incorporating awkward punctuation into their logos (*cough* Aol. *cough*) - but
. It seems to me that the subject taking over the technology headlines is not that Yahoo! has hired a new CEO, but more the fact that she is a woman succeeding in an extremely male dominated field. Mayer is now one of three female leaders in Silicon Valley joining Meg Whitman (CEO, Hewlett-Packard) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook).
Mark Zuckerberg’s world-dominating web company Facebook could disappear within five years according to an industry expert
Over the years Facebook will need to grapple with many issues that affect the development of the company and the lives of its users, from growth to innovating ahead of the curve, and from privacy to social responsibility.
So, can degrees be written off? May or may not be! Degrees may still matter overall, but the tech world may define a new trend in hiring where it is more your ability to do what you are supposed to rather than hire people with heavy baggage of degrees.
Yahoo chief executive Scott Thompson is to step down after it was revealed he had lied on his CV. The controversy came to
The MailOnline's "main competition" is AOL/The Huffington Post and Yahoo, editor Martin Clarke told the Leveson Inquiry on
Some jokes are a little too close to the knuckle - just ask Frankie Boyle for details. This one, though not on purposefully