06/01/2017 08:01 GMT | Updated 06/01/2017 15:26 GMT

Yahoo Finance Tweets Apology For Racial Typo In Donald Trump Navy Message

'We apologise for the mistake.'

Yahoo Finance has apologised for a “spelling error” in a tweet which inspired a worldwide trend and thousands of shares overnight on Friday.

The internet giant’s financial service tweeted a link to a story on President Elect Donald Trump’s plans to enlarge America’s navy.

However, the tweet misspelled ‘bigger’ with an ‘n’ instead.

The tweet sent by the Yahoo Finance Twitter account on Thursday evening US time

The tweet was just after 8pm EST, or 1am British time.

It gained as many as 1,000 shares before being deleted.

The account sent an apology shortly after, describing the message as a “mistake”.

Reaction to Yahoo Finance’s tweet was immediate and prompted the terms Black Twitter and Yahoo Finance to trend worldwide.

An earlier trending phrase, which included the n-word, appeared to be removed by Twitter.

It came just hours after the Washington Post Express made what was described as the largest typo ever by using the image of the male symbol to illustrate a story on women’s rights.

That publication also apologised for its error.