yulin dog meat festival

In just a few months, Orange Planet Pictures will release a film to reveal the life of a person we believe to be of great significance in 21st Century animal welfare. 'To The Moon and Back' summates the life of Jill Robinson who has worked within China and Vietnam to bring an end to the unimaginable horrors of bear bile farming...
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'They very quickly responded with licks and wagging tails.'
Dozens of dogs and cats have been rescued from a Chinese slaughterhouse just days ahead of the widely-condemned Yulin Dog
Was he stolen? Or was he sold into the dog meat trade - a cruel industry where over 10 million dogs and cats each year are
A successful outcome to this afternoon's debate would be for MP"s to back our petition to Mathew Rycroft, the UK Ambassador
Despite the "offensive" language, many people looked beyond the swearing and were in full support of Gervais' views: Ricky
The Huffington Post UK approached the Chinese Embassy for comment but did not receive a response. Similar protests were held
Social media is being overrun with petitions and protests against the Yulin dog meat festival in south-west China. It is impossible to avoid the sickening pictures of animals being burnt or skinned alive. But why should we care about animals when there are so many atrocities happening around the world?
At the same time, this is the argument we should be listening to ourselves. There is no justice in declaring ourselves voices for the voiceless whilst ignoring the plight and cries of the individuals we personally oppress. If we cannot listen to pleas we stop harming animals in our own country, we shouldn't be at all surprised if those in Yulin will not to listen to us.