Zero Suicide

We need to back our call for action with solid data and a focus on partnership working between the various strands of the NHS, local authorities and the voluntary sector. Only then can we hope to reduce the number of suicides in London.
My hope is that the Select Committee will look in detail at the combination of factors which have contributed to the success of this Crisis Centre. There is a very great need for similar Centres in other counties and we are starting to work to make this happen. If we had a Suicide Crisis Centre in every county, it could play a major role in reducing the number of people who die by suicide.
"He/she is difficult to engage." It's a term that I have often heard used by psychiatric staff when talking about patients. I was described as "difficult to engage" when I was under mental health services and now that I run a Suicide Crisis Centre, I frequently hear the same phrase used by psychiatric staff who signpost to us.