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Tim Farron

Lib Dem leader and MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale

Tim Farron became MP for Westmorland & Lonsdale in 2005, gaining the seat from the Conservatives for the first time in over 90 years.

Tim has a wealth of experience in public service having served as both a County and District Councillor. He first joined the Liberal Party aged 16 and went on to become the first Liberal Democrat President of Newcastle University Union in 1991-92.

He was elected as the President of the Liberal Democrats in November 2010, taking on the role in January 2011.

In his limited spare time, Tim enjoys following the (mis)fortunes of Blackburn Rovers, playing football, walking in the Lake District, listening to various kinds of music and spending time with family and friends.

Instead Of Pouring Money Down The Brexit Black Hole, Let's Invest In Britain's Schools

Parents have a clear choice in this election. You can let the Conservatives cut school budgets whilst wasting millions on pet projects such as new grammar schools and new free school places in areas where they aren't needed. Or, you can vote for the only party that is fighting against a destructive hard Brexit and offering a credible solution to this unnecessary crisis in schools funding.
10/05/2017 12:37 BST

The Housing Market Is Broken, And The Government's Plans Won't Fix It

This country's housing market has long been broken, but it's now spiralling out of control. Average house prices are almost seven times people's incomes, and in places like London up to 12 times higher. Over 1.6million people are on housing waiting lists in the UK, including 100,000 children without a proper place to call home. Because of skyrocketing housing costs, people across the country are struggling to get by with soaring rents cutting into their pay packets... It's easy to say the right things on housing. It's a whole other matter to introduce the comprehensive and radical steps we need to actually solve this country's longstanding housing crisis.
07/02/2017 17:39 GMT

Corbyn's Labour Won't Fight For Membership Of The Single Market

Labour started their conference by voting not to debate Brexit, and finished it with Jeremy Corbyn hardly mentioning it in his closing speech. Unfortunately it seems that on the biggest issue facing the country, Corbyn's Labour has thrown in the towel. Here was a quiet man turning down the volume, especially on Europe. Crucially, the Labour leader confirmed he won't fight for Britain's membership of the Single Market, which is vital for jobs and our economic future. Instead he called for "access" to the European market. But that could mean anything. The reality is that anything less than full membership of the Single Market, as the British car industry today made clear, would risk doing serious damage to jobs and our economy.
29/09/2016 08:32 BST

Scrapping the Minister for Refugees Shows Theresa May's Government Is Shrinking Away From Its Role in Solving the Refugee Crisis

The minister, amongst other things, oversaw the implementation of Britain's commitment to take 20,000 Syrian refugees from the region and an additional 3,000 vulnerable refugee children from the Middle East over the course of this Parliament. This process was already moving at a snail's pace - by the end of March of this year only 1,602 people had been resettled in the UK. Now, with no one holding the ball on this issue you have to wonder how anyone can remain optimistic that we will hit this target.
25/07/2016 14:54 BST

Our Fight for an Open, Optimistic, Hopeful, Diverse and Tolerant Britain Is Needed Now More Than Ever

I am devastated and I am angry. Today we woke to a deeply divided country. Nigel Farage's vision for Britain has won this vote, but it is not a vision I accept. An institution that we built, that delivered peace, that promoted equality, kept us safe and opened the doors of opportunity, will no longer play part of Britain's future. With this vote, the very fabric of our country has changed. The whole fabric of Europe has been changed. Our fight for an open, optimistic, hopeful, diverse and tolerant Britain is needed now more than ever. Together we will continue to make the case for Britain's future with Europe, a future millions of people have voted for.
24/06/2016 16:06 BST

World Refugee Day: Think Today of the Thousands of Vulnerable Families Who Deserve Our Help, Our Protection and Our Love

Whether we vote to stay or leave on Thursday, and I sincerely hope that we choose to stay and stand in solidarity and strength with our European partners, the refugee crisis will still be there. When we wake up on Friday 24 June hundreds of thousands of families and vulnerable refugee children will still be languishing in Europe. We must go back to basics, stop the othering. Stop the hatred, the blame. We must first accept, once and for all, that refugees are the product of war, of oppression, of famine, of authoritarianism. And for that reason, they deserve our help, our protection, our love.
20/06/2016 10:06 BST

After Last Night's Website Crash, the Government Must Extend the Voter Registration Deadline

The Government must come forward with emergency legislation or a Statutory Instrument to change the legislation to allow the registration to continue for 24 hours.... These people were not 'late' to register; they were within the time limit at their democratic right is now at risk of being snatched from them. No true democrat can defend this. There is no real reason we could not and should not extend the deadline and make sure that everyone has their chance to have their voice heard and their opinion count.
08/06/2016 10:04 BST

We Need a Government Who Will Put Future Generations at Its Heart

In the last year we have seen this Government lurch from crisis to crisis, falling out with everyone from NHS staff, to local authorities, to teachers, and even falling out amongst themselves over the European Referendum. They've been so preoccupied with firefighting, that they have shown us nothing in the way of a vision or a long-term strategy. This Wednesday they have an opportunity to change that when they announce their plans for the next year in the Queen's Speech.
16/05/2016 12:38 BST

The Government's Latest Capitulation to Take Up to 3,000 Refugees Is Welcome - But Simply Not Enough

If I was cynical I'd remark on the fact that this latest announcement comes just days before a crucial vote in the Commons which would force the Tories to take 3000 vulnerable child refugees from Europe and it seems that the Government are trying to buy off MPs ahead of that. Of course the Government's latest capitulation to take up to 3,000 individuals from the Syrian region over the next four years is welcome but it is simply not enough.
21/04/2016 16:23 BST

Now This Draft Plan Is on the Table, the Referendum Campaign Begins in Earnest

It is not the time to turn our backs on Europe, leaving us isolated, side-lined and alone. By voting to remain in, Britain can thrive. Together we show the world an open, outward-facing Britain we can all be proud of. Join the Liberal Democrat campaign today, to remain in together, and to stand up for the type of Britain you think we should be.
02/02/2016 14:39 GMT

The Prime Minister Is Putting His Own Internal Party Strife Above What's Best for Britain

The Prime Minister has used Labour's implosion, or day two of their reshuffle if you are being kind, to sneak out an announcement that his Ministers will be free to campaign on either side of the referendum on Britain's continued membership of the EU. It is yet another day that Britain needed David Cameron to show the courage of his convictions. It is sadly yet another day he has flunked that test and capitulated to calls on his right flank... The Prime Minister is failing to lead his own Government, let alone the country, putting his own internal party strife above what's best for Britain.
05/01/2016 12:11 GMT

The Tories Are Trailing Behind on Transgender Rights

As a country we've made huge strides forward on transgender rights but there is a long way to go. Attitudes are shifting in a positive direction as shown by the recent polling from the Huffington Post and I hope that this will pave the way for change from Government. Yet, on this issue - like so many others, we still seem to have a Conservative party which trails public opinion rather than stands fast on principle. In Coalition we pulled them along with us but without the firm, unwavering hand of the Liberal Democrats they've stalled.
14/12/2015 00:40 GMT

Five Things the Lib Dems Want to See in the Spending Review

While we will not oppose every measure in George Osborne's spending review, we will judge each decision on whether it is needed to abolish the deficit, whether it will help young people build a better life than their parents and whether it will help small businesses and entrepreneurs. What that means in practice is that we want to see five things delivered in today's review...
25/11/2015 07:38 GMT

Not Satisfied With Snatching Their Milk in the 1970s, The Tories Now Seem Set to Steal the Lunches of Children

The Liberal Democrats fought tooth and nail to deliver this in Coalition because we want every child to have the best possible start in life and be able to concentrate in class. All the evidence shows that a healthy meal helps with that. Instead of further investing in our children, the Tories are turning up at the school gate and stealing their lunch money. My message to the Prime Minister is this - give us a guarantee that it is safe, not unsourced quotes. You say you are proud of this Lib Dem policy - I am too. But until you say it is safe, we will keep working, fighting and campaigning for this policy.
30/09/2015 09:48 BST

After Just 100 Days, The Penny Is Well and Truly Dropping on How Hard Lib Dems Fought in Government

We're 100 days into a Tory government and, let's be honest, they have been fairly clear on what they're about. Unfortunately, for the majority of us across the UK - those of us who didn't vote Tory - it doesn't look pretty. A clear course has been set that puts the interests of the haves over the have nots, dismisses issues like the environment and migration as someone else's problem and enthusiastically paints the UK as an increasingly insular, ungenerous country ill-fit and unwilling to play its part in Europe. The penny is well and truly dropping on how hard Lib Dems fought in government - and how much of a difference we actually made over the last five years.
13/08/2015 17:38 BST

With Blood Donation Falling Massively, We Literally Cannot Afford to Turn Away People Willing and Able to Help

Today sees the launch of FreedomToDonate - a massively important campaign to review the discriminatory rules on blood donation in the UK. And I'm thrilled to put my support behind it, because the existing rules - which bar sexually active gay men, along with anyone who has ever injected drugs, or had sex for payment - are scientifically and socially outdated, deeply and unjustly stigmatising, and urgently need to change.
28/07/2015 09:54 BST