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5 Lessons Learned From 'Staying Healthy: A Doctor's Guide'

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 21.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle

If you’re struggling to steer clear of the office lurgy - or any other virus, for that matter - then Channel 4’s ‘Staying Healthy: A Doctor’s ...

David Baddiel On How He Copes With Father's Ongoing Battle With Rare Dementia

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 20.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle

Comedian and author David Baddiel has opened up about his father’s battle with Pick’s disease, a little-known type of dementia. In a new show ‘T...

This 5-Year-Old Has Become Everyone's Favourite Feminist

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 17.02.2017 | UK Parents

A girl on ‘The Secret Life Of 5-Year-Olds’ has impressed the internet with her empowering comments about feminism and women’s rights. Eva, who a...

Gogglebox's Sandi Addresses Rumoured Feud With Co-Star Sandra

The Huffington Post | Daniel Welsh | Posted 17.02.2017 | UK Entertainment

We’re relieved to say that former ‘Gogglebox’ star Sandi Bogle has clarified her rumoured feud with co-star Sandra Martin. Ever since the Channe...

Jack Buckby Is No Harry Potter. He May Look Like Him But His Views Are Sickening

Fiyaz Mughal | Posted 16.02.2017 | UK Politics
Fiyaz Mughal

It is by no coincidence that far right activist Jack Buckby, used his opportunity on Channel 4 to stir up shocking comments against Barbara Ntumy, tel...

Is This The New 'Mary Berry' And Face Of 'The Great British Bake Off'?

The Huffington Post | Matt Bagwell | Posted 14.02.2017 | UK Entertainment

Prue Leith is set to replace Mary Berry as a judge on ‘The Great British Bake Off’, according to reports. The 76-year-old restaurateur and writer ...

Sir Bradley Wiggins Has Been Forced To Quit 'The Jump'

The Huffington Post | Rachel McGrath | Posted 13.02.2017 | UK Entertainment

Sir Bradley Wiggins has become the second star to pull out of the current series of ‘The Jump’, after suffering a “small fracture” to his leg....

'The Jump' Stars Have Been Warned About 'Drinking Too Much', Reveals Mark Dolan

The Huffington Post | Rachel McGrath | Posted 12.02.2017 | UK Entertainment

Channel 4 have been urging this year’s ‘The Jump’ contestants to take the contest seriously and avoid boozy late nights, according to comedian M...

Why I'm Doing The Jump

Mark Dolan | Posted 08.02.2017 | UK Entertainment
Mark Dolan

The only time I have allowed my body to sail through the air is in the comfort of a Ryanair 737. As a child, I didn't ice skate, rollerblade, skateboard - any of those things that involve relinquishing control of the body to the forces of momentum or gravity. I have always loved to be on the ground.

7 Lessons Learned From Channel 4's 'How To Get Fit Fast'

The Huffington Post | Natasha Hinde | Posted 07.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle

We’re all officially obsessed with fitness. Gym membership is at an all-time high and social media is chock-a-block with photos of weight loss trans...

How To Get Fit Fast

Amar Latif | Posted 07.02.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Amar Latif

Now that January is over I'm sure many of us have fallen back into our less saintly habits, not quite eating as healthily as we were in that first glorious week of the year, where we are our best selves and exercised three times a week and ate our five a day.

Danny Dyer Reveals His Three-Year-Old Son Can Be An 'Absolute Nightmare'

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 06.02.2017 | UK Parents

Danny Dyer has opened up about how he struggles with his three-year-old son’s tantrums. The 39-year-old ‘Eastenders’ actor, who plays Mick Carte...

A Definitive List Of All The Celebrities Who've Ever Had To Pull Out Of 'The Jump'

The Huffington Post | Daniel Welsh | Posted 03.02.2017 | UK Entertainment

It’s frequently touted as the most dangerous reality show on TV, and with the number of celebrities who’ve been forced to pull out of ‘The Jump...

Five-Year-Olds Have Hilarious Reactions When Trying To Resist This Chocolate Fountain

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 03.02.2017 | UK Parents

A group of children found it hard to resist chocolate from a fountain on ‘The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds’ and viewers could relate. The Channel...

Pregnant 'Hollyoaks' Character Channels Her Inner Beyoncé Inspired By Iconic Photo

The Huffington Post | Amy Packham | Posted 03.02.2017 | UK Parents

Beyoncé’s pregnancy photos have inspired an unlikely star to channel her inner Queen Bey. ‘Hollyoaks’ character Myra McQueen, played by Nicole ...

‘Countdown’ Delivers Laughs With Two Saucy Words You Wouldn't Expect To Find In The Dictionary

The Huffington Post | Rachel McGrath | Posted 03.02.2017 | UK Entertainment

It’s not big or clever, but having a good giggle at a rude word on ‘Countdown’ is just one of those things that’s unavoidable. While we’re n...

Jonathan Ross And Other Celeb Parents Get Real About What Having Children Is Really Like

The Huffington Post | Sophie Gallagher | Posted 01.02.2017 | UK Parents

Danny Dyer, Jonathan Ross, Frankie Boyle, Freddie Flintoff and Sally Phillips have opened up about the state of their home for the new series of Chann...

What Makes A Female Murderer?

Toby Roebuck | Posted 31.01.2017 | UK Entertainment
Toby Roebuck

As we spent time with the families of these murderers, one thing was clear: their lives had appeared normal up until the point they killed someone, with no warning signs of what was to come. Unlike men, most women who kill have no history of criminality. Their crimes seemed like aberrations, moments of madness.

I Blew The Whistle On BooHoo's Unethical Working Conditions - And I'd Do It Again

Kieron Hardman | Posted 31.01.2017 | UK Style
Kieron Hardman

It was a big decision to put my job on the line and take a financial hit, but to walk away and ignore the situation would have been wrong. I know what it's like to work under these conditions, and I've seen the pressure put on my colleagues. If you ask me if I would do the same thing again, my answer would be yes.

Boohoo Warehouse Worker 'Punished For Smiling', Dispatches Investigation Reveals

The Huffington Post | Ellen Wallwork | Posted 30.01.2017 | UK Style

Workers in Boohoo’s warehouse are allegedly being punished for smiling, checking their mobile, being a few minutes late or mistakenly mixing up trol...

Could This Be The New 'Great British Bake Off' Line Up?

The Huffington Post | Ashley Percival | Posted 27.01.2017 | UK Entertainment

Paul Hollywood has been spotted filming with a host of other TV cooks, sparking rumours bosses are trying out new faces for ‘The Great British Bake ...

'Great British Bake Off' Will Be Back On Our Screens A Lot Sooner Than We Thought

The Huffington Post | Ashley Percival | Posted 24.01.2017 | UK Entertainment

‘The Great British Bake Off’ will seemingly return to our screens later this year, after the BBC bowed to pressure to not to block production of t...

UK Workers Making High Street Clothes Paid Just £3 An Hour, Shock Investigation Finds

The Huffington Post | Kathryn Snowdon | Posted 24.01.2017 | UK

High street stores are allegedly selling clothes made by workers in Britain who are paid less than half the legal minimum, a Dispatches investigation ...

We Are All Dateable. We All Need Love

Shaine Singer | Posted 23.01.2017 | UK Lifestyle
Shaine Singer

The title can be a bit controversial, but when 'The Undateables' sign knocks off the 'Un' with cupid's arrow it shows we are all dateable. We all need love. Sometimes with a disability it's difficult, it's difficult for everybody.

Former 'Great British Bake Off' Winner Nadiya Hussain Reveals Fears For Show On Channel 4

The Huffington Post | Daniel Welsh | Posted 18.01.2017 | UK Entertainment

Former ‘Great British Bake Off’ winner Nadiya Hussain has revealed she worries for the show when it moves to Channel 4. Last year, ‘Bake Off’ ...