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Harry Styles Has Straightened His Hair And No One Is Coping

The Huffington Post UK | Sophie Brown | Posted 08.09.2015 | UK Style

If you've glanced at Twitter today, you might have noticed that thousands of One Direction fans are having full-blown meltdowns because Harry Styles h...

Kanye's Growing Up So Fast

The Huffington Post UK | Elliot Wagland | Posted 13.11.2015 | UK Comedy

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North is just adorable. For months now, the world's most famous celebrity couple have been dressing their ...

This Guy Just Owned University Challenge By Wearing A Pleather Vest

The Huffington Post UK | Lucy Sherriff | Posted 08.09.2015 | UK Universities & Education

Kamil Shah, a student from King's College, Cambridge, has bought some much needed pizzaz to the normally bland University Challenge - by donning a ple...

Jamie Oliver's Everyday Super Food

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube | Posted 07.09.2015 | UK Entertainment
Jamie Oliver's Food Tube

Ten years after tackling the dire state of Britain's school dinners, Jamie Oliver is back on the campaign trail! In Jamie's powerful, one-off documentary, 'Sugar Rush', he investigated the huge contribution sugar is making to rising global health problems. Check out how many 'healthy' foods are actually sugar-laden and can be damaging to our health...

Venice Film Festival: Film Reviews

Derek Malcolm | Posted 07.09.2015 | UK Entertainment
Derek Malcolm

There may not be too many British Films around - most of them have gone to Toronto - but British actors seem to be two-a-penny. Not that Johnny Depp is British but playing his brother in the crime thriller Black Mass is none other than Benedict Cumberbatch.

'Beasts of No Nation'

Derek Malcolm | Posted 06.09.2015 | UK Entertainment
Derek Malcolm

It is a deeply depressing tale. The young boy and his family are first seen sheltering in a village some way away from the coup which is destroying the government forces of their unnamed state. Their hopes of avoiding the conflict between government and rebel forces are ruined when government troops arrive and start slaughtering those who they believe are supporting the coup...

Fans Awaken For Force Friday

The Huffington Post UK | Elliot Wagland | Posted 04.09.2015 | UK Tech

Force Friday has arrived as Star Wars fans around the globe go into hyperdrive for the new 'Force Awakens' toys. In a co-ordinated launch with the ...

My LA Guide

Amy Willerton | Posted 03.09.2015 | UK Entertainment
Amy Willerton

As my family were here two weeks I decided to split up the time with one week at the beach, and the second week in the madness of Hollywood. It's nice to see the different sides of the California - moutains, beach, city, etc however within the area you choose are even more options and decisions!! So here is what I picked and why...

Don't Overlook Young People Who Have Learned Their Skills the Hard Way

Alesha Dixon | Posted 03.09.2015 | UK Entertainment
Alesha Dixon

I'm lucky, I've had many roles throughout my career and know how rewarding doing a job you love can be. I always wanted to do well, and I worked hard to get to where I am today but it's the support I get from my amazing family that keeps me going. They're there to pick me up when I'm having a bad day. They're there when I make the wrong decisions, when I'm trying to balance my home life with work or when I need to overcome a setback. With their support, I learn new things about myself and others every day, and over the years have built up the knowledge I can use to help others achieve their dreams. I know not everyone is as fortunate as me.


Derek Malcolm | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Entertainment
Derek Malcolm

Everest is one of those cinematic spectacles that doesn't insult the intelligence of its audience and tries to tell the truth about an extraordinary adventure as solidly and dramatically as it can.

Silence Is Golden?

Ruby Wax | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Entertainment
Ruby Wax

For the end of my book Mindfulness for the Frazzled I wanted to be my own guinea pig so had a brain scan done before and after a silent six day retreat practicing mindfulness eight hours a day...

Chrissie Hynde, It Was Not Your Fault

Charlie Webster | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK
Charlie Webster

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse the chances are you will have felt and battled with self-blame, the same as Chrissie still is now - and so did I. This is very normal. The most common question in sexual assault is "Was it my fault?" There are no actions anyone can ever take that make sexual abuse permissible. The offender is always responsible for their actions. What we should be looking at, is why "was it my fault?" is the most common question and how we change this.

Sue Perkins Reveals She's Been Living With A Brain Tumour For Eight Years

The Huffington Post UK | Sophie Brown | Posted 02.09.2015 | UK Entertainment

'Great British Bake Off' star Sue Perkins has revealed that she has been living with a brain tumour for eight years. In an interview with Good Hou...

"Other Than Extending Your Family, I Don't See The Reason To Wait To Have These Operations"

Huffington Post UK | Jennifer Barton | Posted 07.09.2015 | UK Parents

Michelle Heaton has opened up about her brave decision to undergo preventative cancer surgeries after being diagnosed with a mutated BRCA2 gene, which...

The Importance of a Lucky Break

Sharon Horgan | Posted 28.08.2016 | UK Comedy
Sharon Horgan

If I could give a few words of advice to my younger self? I'd say: "Don't expect someone to tap you on the shoulder, and then hand you what you're looking for on a plate." Because the big handicap for me was that I was a dreamer, and I thought that once I got to London, someone would just discover me. So I didn't start grafting until I was in my late 20s, even early 30s. I do think that young people should mess around and have some fun and gain their life story - I needed to find those stories, and as it worked out, it was fine. But it might not have been.

Monterey Bay

Steve Backshall | Posted 28.08.2016 | UK Entertainment
Steve Backshall

Every day the team and I were out at sea in the bay we recorded vast shoals of baitfish, as well as a deeper layer of the crustacean krill that seemed everlasting. At night we dived amongst gargantuan shoals of market squid, here to spawn in their hundreds of tonnes.

Safe Gigs for Women - How Do We Get There?

Tracey Wise | Posted 28.08.2016 | UK Entertainment
Tracey Wise

So now it's out there, how do we achieve Safe Gigs for Women? Writing this in the week we've seen debate on whether women only carriages on the tube, it feels like the debate around achieving safe spaces for women is difficult at best. But here's my ideal.

Actors You Didn't Realise Were In Huge Movies

The Huffington Post UK | Ryan Barrell | Posted 28.08.2015 | UK Entertainment

We'll all recognise certain actors from their big films, but what about the movies they played small parts in when they were young? We're willing t...

'Star Wars' Has A New Teaser And There Has Been An Awakening

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 29.08.2015 | UK Entertainment

'Star Wars' fans are already besides themselves with excitement ahead of the franchise's latest installment, due to be released in December after a de...

Twitter Outraged After Rapper Tyler The Creator Is Banned From UK For Violent Lyrics

The Huffington Post UK | Sophie Brown | Posted 27.08.2015 | UK

US rapper Tyler the Creator has been forced to cancel four dates, including Reading and Leeds festivals, after being banned from the UK for his violen...

Am I Too Old to Become a Creative Professional?

Nick Grimwood | Posted 27.08.2016 | UK Entertainment
Nick Grimwood

I've always been hankering for more. As a physiotherapist, it is half science and half art, and I do love both. But at school, I was always an artist first, and science took second place. My teenage hobby was making super-8 films. In a funny way, I still feel like an artist and somehow I want down the wrong path.

Taylor Swift And Lisa Kudrow Just Sang 'Smelly Cat' And Now The World Is Complete

The Huffington Post UK | Chris York | Posted 27.08.2015 | UK Entertainment

Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow just performed 'Smelly Cat' together on stage. Yup, that's right. Possibly the greatest pop duo combination the human ...

Eat Like a Viking

Amy Willerton | Posted 26.08.2016 | UK Entertainment
Amy Willerton

Personally, it doesn't feel right for me to be on a "diet" for the rest of my life. It is preferable to live by a set of principles that just feel instinctively but also logically right. So it is a enlightening and actually just rather nice culture to look at things like where the food has come from and how much it benefits us rather than how many calories does this contain.

#RHOBH: The Reunion Part 2

Heidi Montag | Posted 26.08.2016 | UK Entertainment
Heidi Montag

Eileen should know by now that there are no secrets on reality TV. If you were a home-wrecker in the past, regardless of the circumstances, it is going to come out! Eileen, you're not playing a pretend character anymore, and you can't always get the role you want in real life.

This Dark, Upsetting 'Friends' Alternative Ending Changes EVERYTHING

The Huffington Post UK | George Bowden | Posted 26.08.2015 | UK Entertainment

'Friends' fans, things are about to get really dark, incredibly quickly, after someone wrote an alternative ending to the long-running sitcom which ch...