Jimmy Savile: 'Cast Made Of DJ's Teeth By Police Probing Yorkshire Ripper Murders'

'Cast Made Of Jimmy Savile's Teeth By Police Probing Yorkshire Ripper Murders'

Further links between Jimmy Savile and Peter Sutcliffe continue to emerge as it was revealed police investigating the Yorkshire Ripper killings allegedly took a cast of the DJ's teeth to compare to bite marks on some of the victims.

Ex-model and Benny Hill girl Nikki Critcher claims she learned about the cast of Savile's teeth through Harley Street dentist Dr Mace Joffe, who died in 2003.

She told the newspaper: "He told us he had to go up to Leeds and take a cast of Jimmy Savile's teeth. He said he had been told by police that Savile was known to them for using prostitutes and that he had been a potential suspect."

Jimmy Savile with Frank Bruno and Peter Sutcliffe

Sutcliffe, a resident at high-security hospital Broadmoor, was visited frequently by Savile and has made an impassioned defence of his friend on a tape leaked earlier to the newspaper.

Sutcliffe apparently accused sex abuse victims of Savile of "jumping on the bandwagon", calling the accusations of paedophilia against the former Top Of The Pops host "a load of crap".

He said on the tape: "I can’t fault him from my experiences of what he was like. I don’t care what these people who are coming out of the woodwork are saying.

"Coming forward after 40 or 50 years or whatever, they are jumping on the bandwagon.

Savile was a regular visitor at Broadmoor Hospital

"It only takes a couple of rumours and then it goes like wildfire. I don't believe he raped anyone. I think he kissed quite a few young women but that’s as far as he's gone."

In 1991 Savile introduced boxing legend, Frank Bruno, to Sutcliffe at Broadmoor, when Bruno was there to open a new gym.

Broadmoor Hospital, which is managed by the West London Mental Health Trust, told The Huffington Post UK they were considering their response to the leaked tape.

Sutcliffe, who murdered 13 women in the 1970s, added: "It's just going crazy, they love to savage people who are dead, people who can’t hit back — or prisoners who can’t reply.”

Sutcliffe said on the Sun's tape that he did not believe it would have been possible for Savile to have molested a patient in Broadmoor.

He said: "People were always there. He was never alone with anybody, there were always people about. He never did anything at Broadmoor.

Former Broadmoor nurse Richard Harrison told Channel 4 News previously that paedophile patients "gravitated towards" Savile and that he had a "severe personality disorder and a liking for children.”

Police are following 400 lines of inquiry as part of the investigation into Savile's activities, and the BBC has launched an inquiry into the culture and practices at the broadcaster during the era of Savile's abuses.

Christine McFarlane, the director of nursing and patient care at Stoke Mandeville in the 1980s and 1990s, said she was unaware of the allegations against Savile, but told ITV News: "He walked through the doors everywhere because he was Jimmy Savile, nobody argued with him.

"There was a fine balance for them [staff] to reach in not upsetting Jimmy to the point where he was likely to walk away or try to take his money away.”

On Monday night, family members of Savile said they believed the "heartbreak" of the allegations had caused the death of Savile's nephew two weeks ago, according to the BBC.

Vivian Savile, the last male member of the family to share the DJ's surname, had "hero-worshipped" his uncle, and was devastated by the accusations.

"At the height of the media blitz, he became quiet and withdrawn, leading to a lack of interest in almost anything including food," the family said in a statement.

He said he "100%" supported families who called for Savile's body to be moved away from the graves of their loved ones in Scarborough's Woodlands Cemetery following claims that Savile abused 300 people over six decades.

Mr Marsden, of Leeds, said: "If it was one of mine who was buried there, I wouldn't like it if someone like Jimmy was in the same place.


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