George Osborne Cries At Margaret Thatcher's Funeral, Internet Goes Nuts (PICTURES)


At Margaret Thatcher's funeral the only thing more shocking than the Gandalf-esque growth protruding from Bernard Ingham's forehead was the salty spill seeping from George Osborne's Sauron-esque eye.

Ingham's wonderfully wizardy eyebrows

The Chancellor actually cried.

The same man who just about managed to nervously laugh off being booed by 80,000 of his fellow countrymen just couldn't hold it together at the funeral of a woman he met a handful of times.

The original and never-seen-before Osborne Tear

The internet promptly erupted, producing a plethora of peaky-eyed pictures which we have kindly assembled for your pleasure...

Osborne's Thatcher Tear

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