Plumbers Firm Decorates Its Fleet With Margaret Thatcher's Face (PICTURES)

We think it's what she would have wanted. A fleet of plumbers' vans emblazoned with her face:

Yes, Pimlico Plumbers did Margaret Thatcher proud on the day of her funeral. They flew the Union Jack at half-mast and decorated their fleet with pictures of her beautifully coiffured head - and black bows.

"I have been accused of going over the top but the way I see it Mrs Thatcher is a once in a lifetime politician, and the lady who quite simply saved us from ourselves in the troubled 1980s," writes founder Charlie Mullins on the Pimlico Plumbers website. "That's why at Pimlico we will have televisions on in the entire building, including the call centre, and I'm told there are even a few engineers who have requested an hour or so off tomorrow to watch the procession." Blimey.

But if you have a plumbing emergency in Pimlico during the hours of the funeral, fear not! "People need not worry if they have a plumbing (or other) emergency," writes Charlie. "We'll be taking calls and sending out plumbers and other trades as usual. The Iron Lady wouldn't have had it any other way!"

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