Destroyed Guardian Files 'Mainly Contained Articles About Middle-Class Problems'


Light has been shed on the contents of the hard drives destroyed at The Guardian offices by intelligence officials.

It is believed that the drives contained at least 1,000 articles about middle-class problems. These included:

  • What to eat on the 5:2 diet
  • What to think about the latest Twitter spat
  • Where to move to (because you can live anywhere, because you're freelance)
  • How to cope when 'Breaking Bad' ends
  • How to wear shorts (men)
  • How to wear shorts (women)
  • Which tablet computer to buy
  • Which 38 Degrees petition to sign right now
  • How to make sure your coffee is ethical
  • How to make cupcakes ironically
  • How to cope without a Wifi or 3G connection
  • Which £20 bottle of wine to buy
  • Which £50 useless piece of household frippery to buy
  • Which cool New York trend to take up
  • Where to holiday on your journalist's salary
  • How to raise your children so they're not racist or sexist
  • How to cook with flowers
  • Which pop culture phenomenon to embrace
  • Which pop culture phenomenon to be angry about
  • Where to forage
  • PLUS: Hundreds of articles about Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald and The Guardian itself that only journalists and tech geeks are interested in reading