Nick Clegg Urged To Apologise For The Distress He's Caused To The Liberal Democrat Party

Nick Clegg Urged To Apologise For Distress He's Caused To Lib Dems

Nick Clegg has been urged to apologise for his "completely inappropriate" behaviour as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Many believe that Clegg's failure to apologise for his actions as Deputy Prime Minister have brought the Lib Dem party into disrepute.

"He has caused distress to some members by violating their personal headspace," one Liberal Democrat told HuffPost UK Comedy. "In terms of conciliation with those party members, an apology would be a good start."

"Completely inappropriate behaviour by people working in the coalition government is far from unusual," said another. "But this doesn't mean that it should be tolerated."

Many Lib Dems have now said that Clegg should be barred from any party body until he apologises - or at least be removed from his duties organising the next party conference, which is due to take place in a brewery.


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