How to Tell Good Fat from Bad Fat (VIDEO)

WATCH: How to Tell Good Fat from Bad Fat

With the disarray surrounding fat, sugar and protein and the debates between health experts, dietitians and fitness gurus, we don't wish to take sides.

However, facts are facts and when it comes to fat, they can actually be good for you. If you consume the right kind, it can do wonders to your skin, heart health, provide vitamins for your body and keep you energised.

Foods to steer away from contain saturated fat and transfat that can both clog your arteries, raise your risk of heart disease and make you gain weight.

The good ones are polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats that are good for your waistline, can fight fatigue and keep your brain sharp.

Watch the video to find out what foods to stay away from and which ones to add to your shopping list.

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