The Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes Revealed

The key to weight loss may seem obvious - eat healthier food and do more exercise - but even with this mantra in mind, you may be making some simple mistakes that are preventing you from reaching your target.

It's tempting to fill your trolley with everything labelled 'low fat' or 'fat free' if you're on a diet, without considering the affect such products actually have on your body.

In the above video, dietician Rebecca Scritchfield says these foods can actually be detrimental to people trying to lose weight as by removing the fat, manufacturers fill the food with something else which may be just as bad for our bodies (often high quantities of sugar).

These so-called low fat foods can also contain a similar number of calories as the standard versions.

Previously speaking about confusing 'low fat' labeling, Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: "Consumers are choosing low-fat and light options believing them to be a healthier choice, but our research has found that in many cases they're just not living up to their healthy image. Our advice to consumers is to read the nutritional labels carefully."

According to Scritchfield, another common weight-loss mistake is including a 'cheat day' of 'free day' in your week.

For some dieters, cheat days, in reality, mean 'binge days' where we are allowed eat absolutely everything we want, *read, everything in sight*, meaning we're consuming way more than is really necessary.

Think chugging water is good for you? Watch the video for more details on how this could be yet another diet mistake you’re making.

Who knew losing weight was such a minefield!?