17-Stone Woman Who Ate Chocolate For Breakfast Shed Weight After Seeing 'Huge' Holiday Snaps

Amazing Weight Loss Transformation Of Woman Who Ate Chocolate For Breakfast

A 17-stone woman who was horrified by her holiday snaps has made a jaw-dropping transformation to by shedding nearly half her body weight.

Keri Irvine, 23, went on a trip to Benidorm, Spain, with her friends last year and felt she looked 'slim and nice' - but her photographs told a different story.

The former Primark sales assistant, from Liverpool, tipped the scales at 16 stone 11lbs and seeing how big she was the final straw.

Since Keri began a strict diet programme with Herbalife her weight has plummeted to 10 stone - and she is turning heads wherever she goes.

Thrilled Keri said: "I was mortified when I saw the holiday photographs. I honestly didn't realise how big I was until seeing them.

"I'm going to Turkey this year so the bikinis will be coming out and there will be no covering up. I will be showing of my body now I'm able to fit into smaller clothes.

"I have always been a shy girl but in Benidorm I never wore a bikini because I looked huge. I didn't realise I looked so big, though.

"Going out of a night I never really got attention, I just wore T-shirt and shorts on the beach and in the night long dresses to cover up."

Unhappy Keri, who is now a Herbalife distributor, would binge eat on junk foods like crisps, cakes, fizzy drinks and sweets to make herself feel better.

In a typical day, the brunette would eat a Kit-Kat or chocolate bar for breakfast, her lunch would be a sandwich, chocolate biscuits with Coca-Cola and tea would be pizza.

After every evening meal, which was always something 'quick and easy', like a microwave meal, she would gorge herself on ice cream and puddings.

But the 5ft 5in beauty ballooned to an unhealthy 17 stone and fatty foods began to take their toll on Keri's body.

Three years ago, the 23-year-old had to have her gall bladder removed because her diet of junk food caused gall stones.

She said: "I was depressed had no social life because I was too scared of what people would think of me. I never talked to boys because I thought they would not like me because of my weight.

"I hated going out the shop and having to buy size 20 clothing so I would just binge eat to make the feelings go away - but obviously things got worse, a lot worse. I used to be a size 18 to 20 but now I can just pick up a size 10 without trying it on, I feel like a new woman.

"When I walk down the street or I'm out in town boys I can see boys looking at me, they never used to and it's nice. I don't have a boyfriend yet though but I've got a better chance at a relationship now I'm not so overweight - so I'm sure it's only a matter of time."