Newsnight: Michael Heseltine Tells Paxman Tory Party Would Be 'Mad' To Consider Ukip Pact (VIDEO)

Paxo continued his grand tour of the of the elder statement of European politics on Monday with a visit to the lair of Lord Heseltine, or "Tarzan" to anyone politically engaged in the eighties.

Having pondered the European question with Silvio Berlusconi last week, an exchange that included the Newsnight man asking the Italian if he once called Angela Merkel an "unf*ckable lard-arse", Paxo turned his attention to Ukip’s British victory in the European elections, with his interviewee a life-long proponent of the European project.

“Why do you think people have voted for Ukip?" asked Paxo, pointedly.

"It’s the place to go to protest about the way certain things have been happening, which they [the voters] associate with Europe but the real problem is the recession," said Hezza.

The old stager talked about immigration, the current Tory leadership, the importance of Cameron and Osborne "keeping their nerve" and racism within Ukip.

Perhaps most interestingly, Paxo asked Heseltine whether there should be a Tory-Ukip pact at the next election.

"What, split the Tory vote," Heseltine shot back. "They’d be mad".


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