Graphic Pictures From Outside Belfast Nightclub Prove Debauchery Isn't Exclusive To Magaluf

A photo showing two young couples appearing to have sex on the ground outside a Belfast nightclub while fellow party-goers walk past unbothered has sparked a storm of controversy.

The image was taken in the car park outside El Divino’s last week and shows the men on their backs with the girls astride them.

People, presumably other nightclubbers, can be seen milling around in the background but are seemingly unfazed.

This now-viral image shows two couples on the ground outside a nightclub in Belfast

The images have prompted a new debate about standards of behaviour in public.

The couples were photographed outside El Divino on Thursday

On Twitter, Sandra McKeever wrote: “WTF is wrong with the young ones did they not learn after magaluf girl n slanegirl now another pic pops up outside el divino nite club ☹”

Clare Grant wrote: “first the Magaluf girl was Irish & now there are pictures showing two couples having sex outside a Belfast nightclub… stay classy Ireland.”

Michael McMahon chipped in with: "First the slane girl, now these dirty fuckers in Belfast #dignityatzero."

Michael Copeland of the Ulster Unionist Party told the Irish Mirror: “There is a time and a place for everything but this would clearly not apply in this instance.

“Giving the public nature of this incident I will be raising this matter at the earliest possible opportunity with one of my colleagues on the Policing Board.”

East Belfast MP Naomi Long told the newspaper: “Apart from the risk to their own safety and sexual health, such images going viral on the internet can have significant ramifications for people beyond the immediate commentary.”

Long also made a salient point about the recent rash of such images appearing to focus exclusively on women.

She added: “The notion of shaming women and girls for engaging in the same high risk sexual behaviours as their male counterparts, who are often lauded for the same behaviour, speaks volumes about society’s attitudes.

“It perpetuates stereotypes which are damaging to women and to men.”

In the wake of the Magaluf scandal, the girl in question, who is believed to come from a deeply religious family of born-again Christians, was forced to go into hiding amid the storm and reportedly feared she would lose her job.

The 'Magaluf gir' was seen fellating more than 20 men in the two-and-a-half-minute long video

The “Slane girl” incident referred to earlier in this article occurred in August last year, when photographs of a teenage girl giving a man oral sex at an Eminem concert went viral.

The hashtag #slanegirl trended globally and the girl in question was subjected to a brutal pitch of cyber-bullying which ended with her becoming so distraught she was hospitalised.