John Bercow Gets Amazing PMQs Poem From Member Of The Public

Someone Wrote A Poem About PMQs And Sent It To John Bercow
Speaker John Bercow during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, London.
Speaker John Bercow during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons, London.
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John Bercow has been getting tons of letters from the public, pouring scorn on parliament's "nodding donkeys" and "sneering fools" at Prime Minister's Questions, but one writer opted to put his thoughts into a poem.

Writing to the Speaker about the "public perception of the big house", the artistically-inclined voter introduced his work by noting: "On the news it was reported that you want MPs to conduct themselves in a more professional manner."

Here is the writer's attempt at political poetry for Bercow, for you to enjoy.


They make their way to assemble; like kids do going to school

At Wednesday lunch, they take their seats to shout and play the fool

A question asked from one side; just support or pat on back

Then, opposition fire one in' is jeered and under flack

Up and down like yo-yos, as benches rise and fall

Papers waved, gesticulate hands, then they shout and bawl

Speaker calls for order, to bring the house in line

Always one, will bellow out, to the Speaker's cutting line

Public watch TV; listen on radio to hear the show

It isn't any wonder political rhetoric, at voting they don't go

The house that makes decisions, influential on people's life

Common sense gone out the door causing us more strife

Progression for the future, what the people want to hear and see

Not parliamentary play time, be a sensible MP

The poem is among the range of letters and emails received by Bercow, which are featured below

Bercow is famous, or infamous, for his attempt to calm MPs down during noisy PMQs exchanges, and has warned that the "blood sport" behaviour of MPs at PMQs could cause "carnage" to the reputation of parliament. He often cites the number of letters he gets of complaint from the public as evidence, and this poem will no doubt cap it all.

The poem, as written to the Speaker, about PMQs


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