Give Scotland Independence Because Of London Taxi Drivers, Says TV Debate Audience Member


There are many reasons why Scotland should be independent from the United Kingdom. But irritation at London taxi drivers is a new one.

On Tuesday evening the Scottish first minister and pro-independence leader Alex Salmond took on the pro-union Better Together leader Alistair Darling in the first live TV debate.

From the start the pair clashed over what an independent Scotland's currency would be. Salmond insisted that Scotland could keep the pound. While Darling repeatedly questioned how that could happen given all three UK political parties have said that would not be allowed.

However one a member of the audience had a question for Darling, the former Labour chancellor. "You said that Scotland is not a foreign country. Have you ever tried to pay a London taxi driver with Scottish $20 note?" she asked.

To be fair, that is quite annoying.

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