Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Compares A Handgun To A Bath

NEW YORK -- Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host who broadcasts daily on the channel morning slot (replete with mandatory side-parting), has compared a handgun to a bath tub. The 45-year-old former host of CNN’s Crossfire not only questioned a segment run on Murdoch’s oft-criticised news network but also compared the tragic death of a child killed by a firearm to falling in the bath.

After running a report on a new US law (Nicholas’s Bill) that would require firearms kept at home to be locked safely away - a law petitioned for by a mother whose son, Nicholas, was shot and killed whilst playing at a friends house – Carlson questioned his own channel for airing the segment.

"The point of that package was, guns are scary, gun owners are a threat to you and your children," he offered, arguing that more children die annually in bathtubs than from accidental deaths from gun fire. "I'd like to see a package on 'Do you have a bathtub at home? Because I need to know that before I send my child over to your house,'" he said, adding: "A little perspective might be helpful."

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