Israeli Man Socialises In Jerusalem Bar Wearing 'DEPLOYED, DESTROYED, ENJOYED, GAZA 2014' T-Shirt

Israeli Man Socialises In Jerusalem Bar Wearing T-Shirt Emblazoned With 'DEPLOYED, DESTROYED, ENJOYED, GAZA 2014'

Nearly 2,000 Palestinians have died in the recent Israeli offensive against Gaza, including many civilian women and children – innocents blasted apart by the modern weaponry of the IDF.

Still, why not celebrate the campaign, an operation UN humanitarian chief Navi Pillay said likely included “war crimes”, by wearing a t-shirt decorated with the words “DEPLOYED, DESTROYED, ENJOYED, GAZA 2014”?

AP is reporting the man is an Israeli army reservist

The man, whose picture was taken by an AP photographer in a pub in Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, is reported to be an Israeli army reservist, yet this remains unconfirmed.

The picture was posted on the same day the 72-hour cease-fire was scheduled to end, with little sign that negotiations in Cairo would yield a more permanent peace.

Palestinian negotiators were looking at a fresh Egyptian proposal, in which the blockade of Gaza would be eased, though a breakthrough seems unlikely before the deadline.

Sixty-seven Israelis have died since the start of the month-long hostilities, with more than a thousands rockets fired from Hamas militants into the Israeli heartland. Hours before the end of the cease-fire, rocket sirens were reportedly heard in Israel, with police reporting a missile had landed in Israel.


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