Scottish Independence: Yes Vote Predicted Via Reliable Mediums Of Food, Clouds & Washing Up Liquid

As the day of reckoning looms ever closer, signs that Scotland could well achieve independence are steadily emerging.

Take this piece of fried chicken: as well as being a tasty treat from KFC, it also appears to resemble the UK minus Scotland.

A prediction from the Colonel?


Terry O’Neill came across the savoury sign during a holiday in Eastbourne.

The pub entertainer said: "I didn't notice it at first, but the closer I looked the more it just looked like the UK - well, England and Wales - but with no Scotland.

"I don't know whether it's an omen for the outcome of the Scottish referendum, but I wouldn't be surprised if Scotland vote Yes.”

Further visions which seem to indicate the Yes vote will storm to victory came in the form of this piece of cheese on toast:

Yeast also spelled ‘Yes’ in this piece of bread:

Further maps of the UK without Scotland also manifested in the suds of this tub of washing up liquid:

The heavens also appear to be trying to tell us something…

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