Bodybuilder Talks About Her Life And The Gag-Tastic Chicken Smoothie She Drinks Every Day

Bodybuilder On Chicken Smoothies And Her 150-Eggs-A-Week Diet

Professional female bodybuilder Rene Campbell has 10% body fat, which by ordinary human standards is phenomenal.

But Campbell wants to get it down to 3% ahead of a show, and that requires some serious sacrifices.

"The food I eat and the way I eat is purely functional. You need to know exactly how many calories you are eating in a day. I see my meal times as fuel times."

So, what are judges looking for during a competition? "They want to see presentation, condition, fat percentage - is your vascularity coming through and they are looking for symmetry," she says in the video produced by Munchies


What's pretty inspirational is that Campbell didn't take to bodybuilding until she was 32 - an age at which most people think it's too late to try new, intensive training.

"I went from someone who was 8-stone to someone who is 14-stone. I consume about 4,500 calories but that will go up depending on what gains I want to get."

There is a high price to pay for such body perfection though. She sometimes doesn't see family and friends at birthdays or holidays because she might be training for a show, and her love life suffers because she dedicates so much time to the gym.

Even on an off season she trains six days a week.

She does something called the 'big cook' when she cooks what she needs for two weeks. this can include five cabbages (lots of fibre, keeps you, ahem, regular) and 10 kilograms of chicken breasts. She also goes through five kilograms of rice and 150 eggs in a week. She uses egg whites - good source of protein - not the yolk.

"It does get boring but I see it as fuel."

Campbell has to see it as fuel because when she prepares her cabbage, chicken and rice, she whizzes it up in a chicken shake and drinks it.

"It tastes like chicken soup gone wrong," she says. We can only imagine.

Rene Campbell's Bodybuilding Diet

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