Ex-Ukip Councillor Rozanne Duncan 'Can't Look' At Black People, But Doesn't Mind Sailing In Caribbean

This Ex-Ukip Councillor Just Dug Herself Even Further Into A Hole
Rozanne Duncan on Meet The Ukippers
Rozanne Duncan on Meet The Ukippers

The former Ukip' councillor whose mind-boggling prejudice was exposed on last night's Meet The Ukippers has mired herself still further on LBC radio, saying she cannot bear to look at black people.

Speaking via phone to LBC, Rozanne Duncan, a councillor from Thanet, said that when she comes across a black person "I just don't want to look".

"It's really quite strange. I wish I knew why. I really do. I certainly don't have a fear. I don't live my life in fear," she added.

She added that she would not like to tackle her prejudice by meeting more ethnically diverse people.

Duncan, who was a prominent member of Ukip in the Thanet South seat where Nigel Farage is running for Parliament, was filmed by the BBC earlier this year saying she disliked "negroid features".

Ukip expelled Duncan in December as soon as the party hierarchy became aware of the remarks, but the comments that led to the decision were revealed in full for the first time in the fly-on-the-wall documentary Meet the Ukippers.

When asked by LBC if she wanted to tackle her irrational prejudice, Duncan said she felt no reason to.

"I hardly see any [black people] here. There are so few here. There is no reason to have any contact with them. We choose our social friends by virtue of our habits, our likes and dislikes. Our close friends are dog lovers and smokers. I can't think of anywhere in Thanet where there are any and it's not that I choose to live here because of that."

But would she like to visit a part of the country where there was more of a mix of people, in order to confront her prejudice? The answer would be no, but she doesn't mind seeing black people when she's on holiday, in the same way she doesn't mind seeing snails on a foreign menu.

"I wouldn't want to address it in that way, no. But I have travelled and been to other parts of the country. I went sailing in the Caribbean for instance. That was ok. It's their country. If you go to another country, you should adopt their ethos. In France you expect to see snails on the menu, whether you like them or not."

Probed later on whether she had had dinner in a restaurant with black people while in the Caribbean, Duncan admitted that she had, despite then being reminded that she had said she would prefer not to go to a dinner party with a black person.

So would she still prefer not to go? "Not by choice." Except when in Caribbean? "It really is a problem for me."

Yes, councillor. It is.


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