Penis-Shaped Neckline Livens Up Natarsha Belling's News Report

Once You See It You Cannot Unsee It

It shouldn’t happen to a news reader… but it does and it did.

Anchor Natarsha Belling became a viral internet star this weekend, but it wasn’t for her segment on Australia’s Ten Eyewitness News.

Instead, Belling’s notoriety came after some wags remarked that the neckline of her jacket somewhat resembled the shape of male genitalia. A screengrab of the 39-year-old swiftly appeared on the UNILAD Facebook page with the apt caption: “Once you see it, you cannot unsee it…”

It has been a busy time for subliminal penises.

And indeed there is a rich history of mapping penises in this way – with runner Claire Wyckoff often crafting phallic pictures with GPS during her jaunts.


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