UK Budget 2015 Summary Of Main Points: PMQs Without The Shouting Special Edition


The Chancellor's budget is usually a rather bland monologue with a few gems scattered here and there. Fortunately we watched it all and filtered out the all the boring bits.

George Osborne said "growth" weirdly:

Yorkshire created more jobs than the whole of France in the past year:

But that was because France didn't create any new jobs:

Our Budget Bingo was quickly filling out:

Vince Cable seemed a bit unhappy about the goings-on:

And Danny Alexander looked a bit bored:

Osborne announced a plan to raise the minimum wage:

And he got possibly the most unwanted endorsement ever:

Before channeling a payday lender:

Clegg was happy to fiddle with his phone while the Chancellor outlined his long term economic plan:

Osborne didn't really know his audience:

He praised the new £1 coin designed by a student:

But failed to cover the REALLY important stuff:

There was obviously the usual jeers and cheers from the House:

Osborne hit Ed Miliband right in the kitchens:

And announced another penny off the pint:

Tax returns were abolished:

The government was feeling charitable, extending the GiftAid scheme:

He also announced some more money for fixing churches:

But there were some cuts everyone still wanted to see:

An end to austerity! Eventually.

Budget 2015: The Main Points

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