Google's New 'Mobilegeddon' Algorithm Will Make The Web A Prettier Place

Google's New 'Mobilegeddon' Algorithm Is Really Really Shallow

Something massive is happening to the world wide web. Screamed via Twitter as '#mobilegedden' it is a change that's ultimately happening behind the curtain and it's making a lot of your favourite websites really worried.

Why? Google has changed its algorithm, today. Now to the average user that may not sound like a big deal, but for every single website that wants to appear as a search result, it's a potential disaster waiting to happen.

That's because Google's new algorithm focuses on how well designed a website is, and in particular, how well it looks on your smartphone.

With mobile traffic now becoming a widely accepted norm, and in many cases the dominant format, Google has rolled out a search algorithm which favours mobile sites that have been well optimised.

Now this is a big deal for any website, and it's why for the first time, Google actually contacted content providers to let them know that the change was coming.

That means that if you go to Google a site and find that it's simply the desktop version shrunken down, there's going to be a problem.

Of course Google realises that it also has to take quality into account, which is why it also reiterated that rankings would also intrinsically be judged on the quality of the content, as well as how good it looked.

Ultimately this is a good thing for everyone, it means the internet is easier to use, better to look at for the sites that haven't implemented it yet, it's a wake up call that mobile is where the traffic is heading.


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