General Election 2015 Explained Through Game Of Thrones Characters

Explaining The Election Through Game Of Thrones Is Weirdly Spot On

The General Election has so far been full of drama, scandalous revelations and admittedly can be hard to follow at times.

Which some would argue makes it just like Game of Thrones.

No, we wouldn't have drawn the parallel straight away either but a hilarious new video from Mashable features Jon Snow (the REAL one from Channel 4) trying to explain our political an American using the hit television series - and it's weirdly spot on.

The Conservatives are likened to the Lannisters - currently in power and obsessed with always paying their debts. Snow does draw the line at alcoholism and incest though.

They are in coalition with the Tyrells - sorry, we meant Liberal Democrats.

The Labour party is described as more like the northern Stark family. Only without the wolves.

Poor old Nigel Farage is apparently the Walder Frey of the political world. Let's hope there's no Red Weddings here though.

Natalie Bennett is shown as Daenerys Targaryen, the Khaleesi of the Dothraki (with less flowing blonde hair and dragons we must admit)

The SNP are also likened to the Wildings and Plaid Cymru to the Night's Watch.

So that's clear then.

It seems there really are some bizarrely similar links between the Seven Kingdoms and the United Kingdom.


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