08/05/2015 01:49 BST | Updated 08/05/2015 09:59 BST

Who Will Be The Next Labour Party Leader? Ed Miliband's Potential Successors After Shock Election Results

Ed Miliband has resigned at Labour leader after a disastrous performance for his party in the General Election.


The Labour leader didn't to speak to reporters on his way into party headquarters today

Miliband biographer and former HuffPost UK political director Mehdi Hasan tweeted the next leadership contest can't be a repeat of the long 2010 contest.

Newsnight reporter Laura Kuenssberg cited a Labour source saying the party wanted a leadership contest "asap".

Ed Miliband took "absolute and total responsibility" for the election result in his resignation speech: "I am so sorry for all of those colleagues who lost their seats - Ed Balls, Jim Murphy, Margaret Curran, Douglas Alexander and all the MPs and indeed candidates who were defeated.

"They're friends, colleagues and standard bearers for our party, they always have been and they always will be."

He continued: "Britain needs a strong Labour Party. Britain needs a Labour Party that can rebuild after this defeat so we can have a government that stands up for working people again.

"And now it's time for someone else to take forward the leadership of this party.

"So I am tendering my resignation, taking effect after this afternoon's commemoration of VE Day at the Cenotaph.

"I want to do so straight away because the party needs to have an open and honest debate about the right way forward without constraint."

Below are the most likely candidates to try and succeed Miliband.

Photo gallery Ed Miliband's Potential Successors See Gallery

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Ed Miliband arrives at Labour HQ

Photo gallery Ed Miliband's Potential Successors See Gallery


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