07/05/2015 22:37 BST | Updated 08/05/2015 00:59 BST

Election Night Results Have Made Neil Kinnock Very Upset: 'People Who Vote Conservative Are Self-Deluded'

Neil Kinnock certainly doesn't mince his words; British voters back Conservatives in the General Election because they are "self-deluded", according to the former Labour leader.

Speaking to the BBC, Kinnock said: "It is a matter of mood and self-delusion that makes people eventually, regardless of what they feel they should be doing when they speak to the opinion pollsters, taking a different view with that stub of pencil in the privacy of a [polling booth]."

Kinnock has previously been accused of incurring Adolf Hitler to smear David Cameron during the election campaign, after he accused the Conservative leader of telling a "great lie".

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