08/05/2015 02:30 BST | Updated 08/05/2015 06:59 BST

Who Won The General Election? Count Night Results Summarised In Ten Points

If you've just woken up, you've slept through the most extraordinary series of election results in recent British political history.

For months, Westminster commentators obsessed over polling that suggested the two main parties would be close in both the number of seats and the number of votes cast.

But the snap exit poll was released at 10pm saying the Tories would comfortably be the largest party - though just shy of a majority.

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It also confirmed the SNP would sweep Scotland and destroyed any Lib Dem pretensions of surviving with a decent number of MPs - predicting they would hold just 10 seats.

But what followed was an election result that would have been unfathomable five years ago that was characterised by big name politicians, some of whom had held their seats for decades, conceding to newcomers.

Most recent projections now have the Tories winning a 329 seat majority, meaning the Downing Street occupant will almost certainly not change.

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