Katie Hopkins Admits Jack Monroe Tweet Was Wrong - But Won't Apologise

Katie Hopkins Is Really Choking On This 'Non-Apology' To Jack Monroe

Katie Hopkins has performed something a U-turn following her vicious Twitter row with celebrity chef Jack Monroe.

In a surprising move, the Sun columnist admitted she “got it wrong” when she accused Monroe of vandalising a war memorial two weeks ago.

Monroe, whose father and brother served with British armed forces, replied with a polite request asking Hopkins to delete the tweet, before graduating to threats of legal action and branding Hopkins “a piece of shit”.

Katie Hopkins accused Monroe of vandalising war memorials

At the time it seemed Hopkins had mistaken Monroe for Guardian columnist Laurie Penny, who had appeared to defend the vandalism of a Second World War memorial, which was daubed with the words “Fuck tory scum”.

On Tuesday, Hopkins tweeted directly at Monroe, but stopped short of apologising or indeed uttering the word "sorry". She said: “I was confused about identity. I got it wrong.”

Monroe shared Hopkins’ tweet with her 73,000 followers and remarked: “15 days after accusing me of vandalising war graves and then prompting 577,000 followers to abuse me for entertainment.”

Monroe continued, pointing out: “’Confused’ defence might have held water if we hadn’t actually met, and she didn’t have a history of seeking me out to direct barbed tweets.

Jack Monroe branded Katie Hopkins a 'piece of shit' in the spat

“Eg she deadnamed me at the Ch5 Benefits debate – she did a LOT of digging. Hard to be confused about something you’ve researched that hard.”

There’s a question mark over what exactly prompted Hopkins to offer her “explanation” and Monroe tells HuffPost UK she is unable to confirm or deny whether she has instigated any legal proceedings against her.

Indeed if she has, its unlikely Hopkins’ statement would meet the requirements of a legal apology.


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