09/07/2015 06:30 BST | Updated 09/07/2015 09:59 BST

Tube Strike: LBC Host James O'Brien Goes On Epic Rant In Support Of Drivers

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) mounted picket lines outside London Bridge Underground station on the first day of a 48 hour strike by tube workers on the London Underground over ticket office closures.

Commentator and revered LBC host James O'Brien has launched a scathing attack on the mainstream media for ignoring transport bosses "retrospectively trying to re-write the rules of engagement" over tube workers' pay and hours in light of Britain's biggest transport shutdown for 13 years.

In an epic three-minute rant, the pundit, who famously conducted an interview with Nigel Farage when the Ukip leader made controversial comments about having Romanian neighbours, bemoaned the concern that "employers now have more control over our lives than at any point since the Second World War".

"You've got a job, you've got terms and conditions - your boss turns around and says 'oh no you don't, you'll do what your told or you can jog on'," O'Brien began.

"If that was you, I'd be furious, and I'd be furious on your behalf - and lots of people would be furious on your behalf, and they'd all be completely ignored by the mainstream media and called 'communists' by the usual suspects.

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"They signed up for something and then their employers tried to retrospectively re-write the terms of engagement.

"Firefighters - with regards to their pensions and fitness tests; teachers - with regards to their pensions and their work life balance, their working practices; taxi drivers with regards to the simple inalienable fact that they are supposed to be the only people on British roads allow to charge their passengers according to a meter, and they're not any more.

"Unbelievable! But not unbelievable. Because so much effort is being put into persuading us that the people causing us problems live next door to us or below us on the food chain.

"Whatever you do, don't look up. That makes you a politics of envy person."

Commuters queued in their masses for busses following the tube closures

Picket lines were mounted outside Tube stations by members of four trade unions involved in the strike in a row over new all-night Tubes, due to start in mid-September.

London Underground's boss warned early on Thursday that strikes would cause "big disruption" and branded the industrial action "totally unnecessary".

Mike Brown outside Kings Cross to commemorate the 7/7 bombings

Managing director Mike Brown said in a message to passengers that the company had "strained every muscle" to put together a "remarkably fair" pay offer for the introduction of the new Tubes.

"I am very sorry your journey has been disrupted. This strike is unnecessary," he said.


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