This Is The BlackBerry Android Phone, And It's A Giant Slider

THIS Is The BlackBerry Android Phone Everyone's Been Waiting For

Remember BlackBerry? That company that made a phone you might have used at University or as a work phone you desperately never wanted.

Well even though they never technically went away, the company could be about to make a massive comeback with the BlackBerry Android smartphone that people have been literally screaming for since the company hit tough times.

Leaked via renowned tech leaker @evleaks, the image clearly shows what appears to be a stylishly minimalist sliding smartphone that boasts a large display, full QWERTY-keyboard and most importantly, Google's operating system Android.

BlackBerry's latest software actually supported Android apps from the start but managed to do it in the most convoluted way possible by insisting that you only download them via Amazon's curated app store.

BlackBerry users currently have access to the same Android apps that are available on Amazon's Fire Phone.

The problem was that Amazon's app store had literally none of the actual Android apps you wanted to download in the first place, effectively making the partnership pointless.

A BlackBerry Android phone would combine the best of both worlds giving users the freedom to download and customise their phone in the way that only Android can.

It would also then still provide the iconic keyboard that managed to stay alive so spectacularly that even Samsung has built a hilarious keyboard case for it's practically space-age Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Samsung bizarrely unveiled a full QWERTY-keyboard alongside its futuristic curved screen smartphone.

When will we see this Android slider then? Absolutely no idea, because it's a leaked image there's no telling when BlackBerry would plan on launching this but hopefully it'll be soon. We're still shuddering at the thought of the BlackBerry Passport.

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