100 Young People Write Open Letter Pledging Support To Labour MP Sadiq Khan For London Mayor

Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan gives his speech during the Labour Conference 2014 at the Manchester Central.
Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan gives his speech during the Labour Conference 2014 at the Manchester Central.
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One hundred young people have signed an open letter pledging their support to Labour MP Sadiq Khan in his bid to be elected London Mayor.

The young Londoners backed the Tooting MP, who is one of the leading candidates in the 2016 mayoral race, saying the politician had proved he would place young people at the heart of his campaign.

In the letter shared with The Huffington Post UK, the signatories, who are all under 30, wrote: "The future of our city lies in our hands. Growing up as a young person in London is not always easy. We need a mayor that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of London. And Sadiq Khan is that person.

"As Mayor, he will tackle the challenges facing us with more affordable housing, cheaper transport and fairer wages. We believe that Sadiq is the best candidate to ensure that we as young Londoners have a decent chance at life and secure a place and role in our communities."

The letter continued: "During his campaign so far, Sadiq has proved that he will place young people at heart of his campaign. Modern London needs a modern Mayor. This was shown by the recent #DareToDream launch event in central London where he outlined how he will tackle the inequalities we face in London.

"That’s why we’re backing Sadiq to be the next Mayor of London - with Sadiq, we can change London together."

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Khan said he felt "humbled and delighted" by the letter.

"Too often the voices of young people are neglected or ignored by politicians despite the fact they have so much of value to contribute," he said. "Instead of being shut out of the political process they should be put at its heart and that is why I am building a movement in which young people not only feature but play a central role in addressing the capital’s problems and tackling its inequalities."

Khan added young people needed to be given the opportunities to succeed, saying: "Young Londoners are the future of our city so it is vitally important their voices are heard and their talents recognised.

"At the end of the day, it is their passion, energy and ideas that will create the wealth and prosperity of tomorrow. But they need to be provided with the opportunities that allow them to fulfil their potential and so as Mayor I promise I will do my utmost to deliver on affordable housing, fairer rents and cheaper transport, because I know that together we can make a difference."

Khan has recently called on young Londoners to work with him to tackle the capital's problems, saying "too many" are being left behind as the city powers ahead.

The MP made the comments in an open letter, which was a response to Londoner Kenny Imafidon's plea to the mayoral candidates to address the issues facing young people living in the city.

Tessa Jowell, who stood down as an MP in the general election, is also in the running to become mayor, and has previously stated she would create a "Homes for Londoners" body on her first day if elected.

The Londoners who signed the letter are:

Simon Lamothe

Lennox Ohemeng

Wayne Clementson

Berkay Soyer

Yemisi Shobowale

Joe Tibber

Joe Dromey

Richard Bell

Kevin Augustine

Deniz Adil

Mahmut Aksanoglu

Chante Joseph

Jack Kiffin

Henry Baker

Simranjit Kaur

Zaheer Abbas

Yousif Alawoad

Kabir Khan

Letife Hussein

Farhana Khatun

Abdullah Zaman

Fatima Panahi

Tem Adil

Nargis Akhtar

Mohi Uddin

Yousif Alawoad

Albion Thaqi

Abbas Aziz

Zahra Alawoad

Kate Matthews

Nasima Yasmin

Rania Ramli

Sheldon Cooper

Murtaza Muraj

Tahmina Rahman

Katerina Stylianou

Patrick Moule

Albion Thaqi

Saadia Sajid

Ali Hesham

Sara Ali

Eleanor Tubby

Natasha Clementson

Cansu Ozdemir

Abdulaziz Kilani

Jermaine Agypong

Brandon Kontoh

Frankie Parker

Angelo Da Costa

Suleka Uddin

Laila Farah

Grace Wright

Elorm Haligah

Reem Kalim

Mohammed Unluer

Hamza Unluer

Mehmet Unluer

Abdel Rebika

Sheraz Zahoor

Christiana Louise Sansah

Georgina Solan

Persiada Kurti

Sarah Kefayalew

Rammi Zayn Al-Nassar

Zahin Ahmed

Iqbal Hussain

Sara Roshdy

Jonathan Cullen

James Neve

Michael Kyriacou

Natalie Zuel

Mikhayla Aristidou

Ufuk Dag

Ahmet Dag

William Ongeri

Sonny Grant

Kerem Hussein

Billy Shannon

Yunus Saad

Shabaz Khan

Melisha John

Navyjot Lehl

Alisha Tariq

Aisha Ajmil

Rabia Saeed

Mahreen Ahmed

Nevzat Cidan

Hasan Cidan

Tom Kilpatrick

Adam Burrows

Jessica Mulholland

Sarah Kayak

Emma Mulholland

Sarah Smith

Greg Sampson

Sean Benson

Amy Waring

Sam Prudence

Jennifer O’Brian

Kayleigh Stansfield

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