27/08/2015 12:54 BST | Updated 27/08/2015 13:59 BST

Televangelist Pat Robertson Claims Virginia Shooter Was A 'Closet Gay'

NEW YORK -- When a nation is in mourning, you can always rely on a televangelist to stick his size 7 into the grief. This hobbit preacher is Pat Robertson, a religious huckster with some form in peddling dubious reaction (two days after 9/11 he went on air to blame the attacks on “abortions, feminists and gays”).

On Wednesday, hours after a TV reporter and cameraman were gunned down on live TV, Robertson blamed the shooting on the federal government for making it impossible to fire black man, who also happens to be a “closet gay.”

Robertson said: “The manager of that station down there, I sympathise with him because I know what it’s like. You have an employee, you don’t even know anything about his orientation one way or the other, but he’s a troublemaker and he’s a malcontent and he’s not doing his job properly and after several warnings, the manager is forced to let him go.”

He continued: “Well, what happens? Well, there’s a lawsuit that says, well, there’s sexual discrimination because he was a closet gay or he was African-American or he was Indian or he was some other minority,”

But what about the issue of guns, Pat?

“It’s not a gun problem,” he said. “It is a mental illness problem and it is a law problem inflicted on us by the United States government.”

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