Jeremy Corbyn Complains To BBC About Panorama Programme On His Meteoric Rise

Corbyn Himself Has Officially Complained About That Panorama Documentary

Jeremy Corbyn has officially complained to the BBC about the controversial Panorama about him that infuriated his supporters.

The BBC was compared to right-wing Fox News over the programme 'Jeremy Corbyn: Labour's Earthquake' by those complaining of its perceived bias against the rebel backbencher turned frontrunner for the Labour leadership.

It refused to disclose the number of complaints the programme had generated.

Now Corbyn himself has submitted his own complaint, criticising alleged factual inaccuracies and a source within his campaign told The Independent the show was a "complete hatchet job".

His campaign has also denied one of the programme's most condemning allegations - that Corbyn attended a conference in Egypt in which attacks on British and American soldiers in Iraq were advocate, according to The Independent.

The programme featured interviews with prominent Labour figures, such as ex-Home Secretary David Blunkett and shadow education secretary Tristan Hunt, warning the party faced electoral collapse if Corbyn won, which he is widely expected to do when the results are announced tomorrow.

Corbyn-backer Diane Abbott called the programme a "hatchet job" and said it had a "preconceived narrative".

A BBC spokesperson told The Independent: “We began looking at the leadership election as a whole, but as Jeremy Corbyn became the front runner our programme naturally focused in on that.

"This sort of editorial decision making is normal. Corbyn’s team gave Panorama behind the scenes access to his campaign and his views were reflected throughout, including through a lengthy interview.

"The programme also clearly reflected the growth of support for his campaign within the party, union members and activists.

“We approached Corbyn’s team before broadcast regarding the Cairo conference and they didn't offer any response or proof that he did not attend the conference.

Corbyn has previously defended the BBC licence fee "in principle" in the face of Tories keen on scrapping it.


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