Susanna Reid And Kate Garraway Give ‘Good Morning Britain' Guest Martin Kemp A Telling Off For Saying The Word ‘Shag' Live On Air

Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp found himself being ticked off by Susanna Reid and Kate Garraway after he uttered an unsuitable-for-morning-telly word on Tuesday’s ‘Good Morning Britain’.


The musician and actor was on the ‘GMB’ sofa to chat about his upcoming role in ‘Birds Of A Feather’ when he forgot what time of day it was.


He explained: "I would like to say I play Dorian's love-interest but I think the term shag-interest would be more appropriate. Wait, can I say that at this time of the morning?"

Errrm, that’ll be a no, as Kate was quick to tell him.

"No, you can't say that," insisted Kate.

"Oh okay, I take it back then," Martin joked.

Susanna then hilariously tried to brush the word off as a "type of bird".

What a pro.

Martin isn’t the first guest to use some colourful language on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Earlier this year, Helen Mirren turned the air blue after letting slip the word “pissed” as she recalled a camping trip she once took with ex-boyfriend Liam Neeson.

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