Frankie Boyle Reckons Jeremy Corbyn 'Couldn't Be More British If He Bled Tea'

Frankie Boyle Sensationally Shuts Down Corbyn's National Anthem 'Scandal'

Frankie Boyle has written about the scandal caused by Jeremy Corbyn's failure to sing the national anthem at a World War II memorial, quipping: "Surely the battle was fought so that we wouldn’t be forced to sing songs about a German."

Boyle's missives have gained a reputation for a signature mix of dark humour and astute political observation, and his column on the latest 'scandal' to affect the new Labour leader delivers both.

"The abuse Corbyn received for not singing the national anthem says much more about his detractors than it does about him," Boyle wrote for Comment is Free in the Guardian, "It shows them as their 10-year-old public-school selves, where not singing the national anthem genuinely was the most shocking thing a boy could do."

He's gained huge support for the column online, with particular praise for Boyle's suggestions for new national anthems.

And his column couldn't be more timely.

"The media have tried to portray Corbyn as boring, but surely a vote for him in a general election would be a vote for a bloody military coup. Hardly boring," he writes.

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People loved his suggestion for the anthem to be 'Bare Necessities'

And his sign off had people especially pleased...

And Boyle's built something of a reputation for biting political satire -- and controversial opinions...

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