13/10/2015 03:14 BST | Updated 13/10/2015 07:59 BST

Stewart Lee Launches Scathing Attack On The Tories Attitude To Immigration

Stewart Lee has launched a scathing attack on the Tories, arguing that their policies are far more damaging to social cohesion than any of the factors the party put forward themselves.

In a blog for the Guardian titled 'Now even Bake Off is being used to stir the pot on immigration', the comedian writes: "On Tuesday, the unflappable Conservative party leadership hopeful Theresa May opined that high levels of immigration make it 'impossible to build a cohesive society'.

"To be fair, so do massive social inequality, a lack of affordable housing and systematic corporate tax avoidance on an industrial scale by the government's friends and backers.

Stewart Lee

"Ka-pow! Take that Tory scum! Oh look. There's egg on your Savile Row suit. Never mind. Maybe a poor child would like to lick it off for their breakfast."

Lee then offers an opinion on #PigGate, immigration and even 'The Great British Bake Off', all delivered with his trademark sardonic humour.

Read the full blog here.

There was huge support for the blog on social media.

The blog is reminiscent of fellow comedian, Frankie Boyle's blogs for the same publication for which he has earned a reputation as a scathing yet eloquent political commentator.

Last week he lambasted the the party political conference season with some incredible lines...

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In Sunday's blog, Lee also took issue with Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell and her opinion pice on 'The Great British Bake Off'.

Last week Amanda Platell, suggested Muslim mum Nadiya Hussain was only in the final due to political correctness on the part of the BBC.

She added that the latest evictee from the program would still be on the show if "she�d made a chocolate mosque".

Nadiya Hussain

Since Hussain was declared the winner, Platell has been accused of a cynical change of heart.

Her new article states: "One of the many appealing things about Nadiya is her solid bedrock of home and family, of traditional values. She is the daughter of a Bangladeshi couple who moved to England in the Seventies to escape poverty.

"Let us hope she and her �dreamboat� husband are grounded in those values, and are sufficiently level-headed not to let fame destroy what they have. And that, while she can become a celebrity Domestic Goddess (and how nearly stardom destroyed Nigella Lawson!), she remains first and foremost a goddess in her own home."

The highest rated comments on the article are...

"I seem to recall Amanda, an article recently written by yourself where you complained her success was a PC stitch-up. You seem to change your opinions as often as I change my underwear. At least have the backbone to adhere to your principles, no matter how odious they may be. Maybe the backlash against the Sun columnist who expressed similar opinions has scared you off a bit?"

"Beep, Beep, Beep, Amanda Platell reversing". Stir up the masses with your "too PC" crap at the beginning of the series, seriously under estimating the British public and now, suddenly, Nadiya is your sweetheart. You should be ashamed."

"Coming from the same reporter that slated her before she won, bit rich."