French Court Bans Couple From Calling Their Baby 'Prince William'

French Couple Banned From Calling Their Baby 'Prince William'

A French couple was this week banned from calling their son “Prince William,” as it would lead to a “lifetime of mockery.” A judge told the parents from Perpignan, southern France, they may not name their son after the Duke, citing a civil code that allows courts to overrule baby name choices “in the interest of the child.”

The Duke of Cambridge looks on as he helps to renovate homes for ex-service personnel as part of the BBC television DIY SOS series on September 23, 2015 in Manchester

The couple’s second choice was “Mini Cooper.” That was also rejected. The identity of the parents has not been revealed. Until 1993, French parents had to choose from a list of acceptable baby names as governed by the state. That was relaxed, however authorities can still step in should parents wish to brand their child with something idiotic. Earlier this year, a French court prevented a baby being called “Nutella.”

Here are 10 other baby names a French court would likely ban:

  1. Cecil The Lion
  2. Donald Trump’s Hairpiece
  3. IOS9
  4. Hermann Goering
  5. The Blackpool Illuminations
  6. Diet Coke
  7. The Annexation Of Crimea
  8. Cuban Heels
  9. Mouse Nuts
  10. Cliff Thorburn

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