Commons People Politics Podcast: David Cameron's Council Cuts, Gordon Brown's Tax Credits, and Simon Burns' Breastfeeding

This week’s Commons People podcast saw The Huffington Post UK’s political team discuss David Cameron, Gordon Brown, breastfeeding and the EU.

The Prime Minister seemed to speak out against his Government’s cuts to local government when he wrote to his own council complaining about a lack of funding for vital services.

Labour accused Mr Cameron of breaching government rules by offering the Conservative leader of Oxfordshire County Council Ian Hudspeth a meeting with the Number 10 policy unit in an attempt to mitigate cuts to local residents, including those in his own constituency of Witney.

Tax credits hit the headlines again this time thanks to a particularly strong speech from Gordon Brown.

The former Prime Minister said plans to slash tax credits – which he created - are "anti-work, anti-family, anti-children, anti-fairness, anti-women and anti-British".

The issue of breastfeeding hit the headlines again thanks to a debate on the family-friendly nature of Parliament.

Tory MP Sir Simon Burns feared allowing breastfeeding in the Commons would lead to ridicule from the tabloid press.

The Prime Minister’s EU speech – and his use of some slightly questionable statistics – were also given the once over by the team, before a quiz on international arms sales.

That's right. A quiz on international arms sales. That's what happens when Parliament only sits for two days.