Dapper Laughs Launches Daily Star Column Tackling 'Impotence, Love-Rats And Bizarre Incest Rants'

Questions For Dapper Laughs' New Column Are As Scathing As You'd Imagine...

Warning: some readers may find the language in this article offensive

Dapper Laughs, the shamed comedian who told a woman she was "gagging for a rape", is making another comeback attempt with a new newspaper column.

The character, played by Daniel O'Reilly, has launched an agony uncle column in the Daily Star, which promises "the whole shebang of grisly woes" which the paper suggests readers "get prepped to watch through splayed fingers".

O'Reilly was at the centre of a media storm last year after being accused of sexism due to material including the lines: “Just show her your penis. If she cries, she’s just playing hard to get” and “remember, it’s only sexual harassment if she’s more attractive than you.”

He was also filmed at a live show telling a female audience member that she was “gagging for a rape”.

His ITV2 show and national tour were cancelled when 50,000 people signed a petition to have him taken off the air.

O'Reilly then apologised in a Newsnight interview where he claimed he had killed off Dapper Laughs, but has since staged a series of comeback attempts.

His new column will see him answering readers' questions, with the promise of "tales of impotence, cheating love-rats caught with their pants down, bizarre incest rants, and a whole lot of strange goings-on."

Dapper Laughs introduces his new column

Readers are being encouraged to send in questions for Dapper with the hashtag #DearDapper, which was seized on by critics to question the comedian's own past behaviour:

#deardapper, my friend keeps being harassed by some guy in the street with a camera. What can she do? https://t.co/bzqC6LHagP

— Ros Ballinger (@hurricane_ros) November 22, 2015

#DearDapper I had a nightmare some people were still stuck in the 1950s; what would you suggest? https://t.co/h22b2aT1Dv

— Lady Jaz (@ladyjazmana) November 22, 2015

Meanwhile Spearmint Rhino appeared to hold a party for Dapper Laughs on Sunday evening, to mark the release of his 'Res-Erection' DVD.

The Huffington Post UK contacted The Daily Star for comment but had not received an answer at the the time of publication.


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