Rachel Dolezal Broadly Interview Slammed After Lamenting That People Accept Caitlyn Jenner But Not Her

Critics have slammed Rachel Dolezal for lamenting her struggles in comparison to Caitlyn Jenner's successes in an interview described as "drenched in self-pity".

During the profile - the former Africana studies instructor who self-identifies as "transracial" - told Broadly her life-story, saying that she was born in a teepee and that her birth was witnessed by Jesus Christ.

She also described herself as "the only person equally hated by the KKK and black feminists".

The article itself compared Dolezal to Jenner, noting "Rachel has been thinking about Caitlyn Jenner a lot," before drawing the two together.

"Whereas Glamour and ESPN awarded Caitlyn for her transition, Rachel was vilified and mocked in the press and on social media after telling Matt Lauer, in an interview on Today, that she’s transracial, saying, “I identify as black" the passage read.

Rachel Dolezal is being lambasted on social media for comments made to Broadly

People reacted to the comparison on Twitter, some claiming that she's "still trying to pass herself off as something she's not," whilst others made remarks about the gender of Jenner.

Whilst others critiqued Broadly itself, some highlighting the race of the interviewer.

Later in the interview, Dolezal also described her childhood and school years. She claimed that she "only hung out with black parishioners."

"I wasn't white! It's so hard to explain this to people: I don't feel white. I didn't hang out with anybody white in Mississippi." she said at school she sat at "the black kids' table in the cafeteria."

The 37-year-old expecting mother who lives in Spokane, Washington, also announced that she will be naming her new son after African-American icon Langston Hughes.

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