24/12/2015 07:59 GMT | Updated 24/12/2015 14:59 GMT

Frankie Boyle's 2015 News Quiz Wins Plaudits For Criticism Of Year's Biggest Personalities

Sean Dempsey/PA Archive
Comedian Frankie Boyle leaves the high Court after winning more than more than 54,000 damages today after a High Court jury concluded that he had been libelled by the Daily Mirror.

Frankie Boyle has delighted his fans once again with a blistering end-of-year attack at some of 2015's most controversial political figures.

The comedian and burgeoning social affairs commentator was lauded for levying searing criticism at personalities including Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Clarkson.

In Thursday's quiz, the penultimate column he is due to pen before December 31, Boyle described the US Republican frontrunner as "like a transatlantic Nigel Farage who’s unaware that his boiler leaks carbon monoxide".

He also derided England forward Wayne Rooney as looking "like a jelly baby come to life", and of the former 'Top Gear' frontman commented: "His wrinkled face looks like a collage made from elephant vaginas."


Social media users quickly piled in to praise Boyle for his latest post.


This week's column is not the first time Boyle has spoken out on domestic political affairs, though...

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