​Geri Halliwell Wants Adele To Replace Victoria Beckham As The Fifth Spice Girl For The Group's Forthcoming Reunion

All you Spice Girls fans hoping that all five members would be reuniting for the girls’ forthcoming reunion, we have good news and bad news.


Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Despite earlier reports that Victoria Beckham would be joining the girls on stage to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ‘Wannabe’, Geri Halliwell has revealed it will only be her, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Mel B.

We know, it’s a great loss.

However, every cloud has a silver lining, because Geri has a cunning plan (doesn’t she always?)

Who needs VB, when you can have Adele?

Geri Horner (née Halliwell)

OK, it’s a long shot, but that didn’t stop the former Ginger Spice from formally inviting the ‘Hello’ singer to become an honorary member of the band during a chat with Chris Evans on his BBC Radio 2 show on Thursday morning.

And it might not be as far-fetched as you might think as Adele was a HUGE Spice Girls fan when she was growing up, and even admits that Geri was her favourite.

Well she's already got the shades and the pout down...

However, during Adele’s amazing Carpool Karaoke skit (which is currently breaking the internet), she also admitted that her first experience of heartbreak was when Geri quit the Spice Girls back in 1998 - and those kind of scars never really fully heal, do they?

So, as we wait on Adele’s decision, we’ll just have to make do with her singing ‘Wannabe’ with James Corden... for now.

Adele, over to you.

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls

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